Flourish Fine Writing

Holiday Postage Set // UNUSED // holiday cards // Christmas Postage // Vintage // Poinsettia // Red // Green // Cardinal


Only 98 sets available

Envelope Calligraphy in photos by Plume Calligraphy.

This listing is for the following postage set/s and is enough postage to post 1 US letter at the current 1 oz rate (total postage value 66 cents per letter)

Each set includes the following UNUSED stamps:

Scott: 1757a
Postage Value: 13 Cents
Description: Cardinal

Scott: 1843
Postage Value: 15 Cents
Description: Wreath and Toys

Scott: 1580
Postage Value: 10 Cents
Description: Christmas Angel & Bell, 1975

Scott: 1376
Postage Value: 6 Cents
Description: Botanical Congress, Douglas fir

Scott: 2166
Postage Value: 22 Cents
Description: Poinsettia

**please inquire for custom quantities**