Flourish Fine Writing

Holiday Postage Set // Christmas Toys // UNUSED // Red // Santa // Vintage Postage


Only 100 sets available

Envelope Calligraphy in photos by A Fabulous Fete. www.afabulousfete.com

This listing is for the following postage set/s and is enough postage to post 1 US letter at the current 1 oz rate (total postage value 68 cents per letter)

Each set includes the following UNUSED stamps:

Scott: 1769
Postage Value: 15 Cents
Description: Hobby Horse

Scott: 1205
Postage Value: 4 Cents
Description: Wreath and Candles

Scott: 3537-40
Postage Value: 34 Cents
Description: Santa
**If ordering more than 1 set- a combination of all versions of this stamp will be included in your order. If you are just ordering 1 set you may request which version you would like.**

Scott: 1843
Postage Value: 15 Cents
Description: Wreath and Toys

**please inquire for custom quantities**