Can you actually use these stamps to send mail?

YES! All of the postage you'll find in my shop is genuine unused USPS postage stamps- they will always be worth their face value in postage, you just need to make sure you add enough stamps to add up to the correct postage amount needed for your envelope! If you need guidance figuring out how much postage you'll need feel free to ask! The most accurate way to know how much postage you'll need is to take a finished envelope to your local post office and ask!

Can I combine vintage postage with current forever stamps?

Absolutely! I frequently help couples put together postage sets that combine a current forever stamp with vintage. This is a great budget friendly option if you like the look of vintage postage but can't afford to do all vintage!

I'm in a rush, do I have time to do a custom set?

Yes! My typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks from the start of design to having stamps in your hands. If you need a rush order, the rush fee is $150 and includes next day design options and stamps in your hands 2-3 business days after finalizing a set. 

What is hand-canceling?

All postage that gets handed off to the post office needs to be "cancelled" meaning it can no longer be used afterwards. There are machines that can "read" that there is postage on the envelope and can turn the envelope the correct way and put a mark through the stamps to cancel them. If you have an envelope that cannot go through these machines due to a wax seal or ribbon that might make the envelope bulky, then you need your stamps "hand cancelled". A postal worker will take a hand stamp and individually mark all the stamps on your envelopes. There is an additional postage surcharge for this called the "non-machinable" surcharge. Currently it is 40 cents per envelope but can go up with postage increases.

Some people also prefer to hand cancel postage on wedding invites even if it is machinable as it tends to look nicer and avoids more machines that can potentially damage the envelope.