Flourish Fine Writing

Black and White Vintage Postage Set // Set of 5 // $.75 in postage per set


Only 31 sets available

5 complete sets of vintage postage equaling $.75 in postage each. Each set equals enough postage to mail 1 envelope weighing less than 1 ounce via the USPS.

•This is unused postage and can be used to send envelopes via USPS as long as the total postage is equal to the current postage rate required for your envelope.

•If your envelope has a wax seal, ribbon, doesn't bend, is thicker than 1/4", is square shaped or extra large, it may require additional postage. Please confirm with your local post office how much postage will be required for your envelope.

•Each postage set measures approximately 3.6" x1.2"

Each postage set will include the following unused postage stamps:

-13 Cent Canada Goose (Scott #1757c, issued in 1978)

-32 Cent Centennial Games (Scott #3087, issued in 1996)

-10 Cent Pan Am Building (Scott #C34, issued in 1946)

-20 Cent Concord (Scott #2040, issued in 1983)

Quantities less than 50 will ship within 1-2 business days from Michigan. If you purchase a quantity over 100, please allow 3-5 business days to ship.

Flourish Fine Writing specializes in curating custom postage sets for weddings and other special mailings. Rebecca, the founder and owner, has worked with 100s of couples and event professionals since opening her business in 2018, to create unique and beautiful postage sets for their special mailings. She also sells individual vintage and out of circulation postage stamps if you prefer to put together your own unique postage set or are looking for a forever stamp for a reply envelope or other special card/invitation.

Envelope calligraphy by Plume Calligraphy plumecalligraphy.com

**Envelopes not included**